Logo and corporate image design

Corporate design

Designing a corporate image

What design process do we follow?

Logotype design

We design and develop all the corporate elements you may need for the corporate image of your activity. Starting with the logo, we continue with other elements such as cards, A4 for letters and documents, envelopes, advertising, etc.

Proccess of corporate design

Once we have the necessary information about the activity or services, we develop at least 3 proposals for the logo, with different styles but all valid for the business in question. If any of the ideas presented are to the client’s liking, we end up making the small changes that are necessary and deliver them. If, on the contrary, none of the proposals is to your liking, we will discard them and make new images. We make as many redesigns as necessary until the total satisfaction of the client, whenever this one directs us a little in his tastes and needs.

Once the process is finished, we deliver the logo in several standard formats, editable and scalable to any size.

Stationery design

We follow the same process previously mentioned for the design of the logo (several initial designs, no limit to redesigns).

Once finished, we deliver the files ready for printing.


Some of our latest work...

Corporate Image

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What our customers
say about us.

``Very happy with the work done, the perceived desire to please and the attention received. And talking about the intuition of capturing what is convenient for the client at first, another 10. We do not intend to advertise them, they do not need it. We're just showing our appreciation.``

Adán M.

Owner, Préstamo-K

``Thank you for your prompt and decisive attention. From the first moment José María and his team were able to grasp the idea and we are very happy with the work done . It has far exceeded our expectations. We will count on you for future projects without a doubt``.

Marta Oñate

Team Lead, KCP Dynamics

``José María works in a very professional and serious way with excellent results. Undoubtedly very recommendable.
Thank you for your work and attention at all times.

Dr. Mikel Ramos

Surgeon, Facial Esthetic Group

``Very happy with the work done by José María. He made me the project of a web for online sale called Sockland, a sock shop. Both his ideas and suggestions, as well as the delivery times, and his dedication and patience have been ten. From the very first moment he captured the idea that I wanted to transmit with my web. Highly recommended.``

José LLiteras

Owner Sockland

``We are very satisfied with the work of José María and his company. He is an attentive, dedicated and very professional person. He has always known how to guide me with politeness and delicacy in any doubts I might have. Very good advice in general.``

C. Gaisenband

CGA Aviation Services

``Very happy with the work done, undoubtedly a professional, thorough and deadlines met perfectly. Recommended for all those people who need a work of these characteristics.``

J. Rosselló

Smart Boats Mallorca

Global solutions

Corporate design is just the first step


Brand strategy

Beyond the logo or corporate stationery, it is essential to maintain a corporate line in any element that represents the company or its services.


Social networking

Social networks are in many cases the first and most important point of attraction and customer loyalty.


Web Design & UX/UI

An aesthetic, easy to use and memorable website is a must to maintain the good image of the company.


Classic & online

A marketing campaign (classic paper system or online marketing) can make the difference between going unnoticed and becoming a reference.

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Elements of good corporate design

Typically, a logo is designed for immediate recognition. Users often identify a company or service by its logo.

A clean and well-proportioned font can make a difference in a corporate image or even a corporate brochure. A good typeface creates that «There’s something about it» feeling in people’s consciousness.

One of the most successful fonts you can see everywhere (signs, buildings, airplanes, etc.) is Helvetica. This is the king of typefaces, and it’s over 50 years old. Helvetica changed the world of typography. It showed typographers and graphic designers that simplicity is often the best.

Large companies tend to adopt clear typefaces without screen printing. A typeface must reflect the image and beliefs of the company. If a company is a bit conservative, then it should use serif type, Times New Roman type.

A graphic designer usually has to be careful when designing the visual identity of a large company. We must take into account the different combinations of colors, the meanings of the colors and the theory of color.

The corporate color scheme the designer chooses makes a strong statement about the organization and how it does business. As with all the other seven elements, the colors should emphasize the philosophy and strategy of the corporation.

Research by the Institute of Color Research reveals that all human beings make a subconscious judgment about a person, an environment or an object within 90 seconds and that that judgment is based solely on color. This demonstrates the important role of color in corporate graphic design. One tool in particular is interesting because of the technological point of view behind it. Apparently, our brains did not evolve to see or appreciate the concentrated and saturated colors that are considered «basic colors». Our eyes evolved to see natural, sophisticated colors that rarely collide with each other.

The brand is the definition of corporate business. An organization’s name can also serve as its brand. Brand value reflects how a company is perceived in the marketplace. The brand identity communicates the strategy of an organization in a universal way to the target audience.

Branding is not about getting a target market to choose a corporation over the competition, but about getting prospects to see the corporation as the only one providing a solution to their problems.

A company must establish brand objectives from the beginning. These are the characteristics of the organization and must reflect its philosophy, processes, image, etc. A strong brand builds credibility and motivates customers.

Quality is one of the most important elements. It defines a company through its policies, procedures and responsibilities towards its users. A company that offers quality products or services has a great opportunity to bring back a user not just once but many times.

Quality must be reflected in all aspects of a corporation: how it does business, the type of products or services it produces, how it manages its prospects and customers. The same goes for the design of the corporation’s website.

When we talk about culture, we should not take it as a community. Culture is the tastes, manners, knowledge and values that are shared and favored by the community. If a corporation has communities formed around its products, this does not necessarily mean that these communities have a healthy culture. In fact, a bad culture can ruin the reputation of a company with future prospects.

Ref.: https://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/10/7-ingredients-of-good-corporate-design/

Corporate Design

Frequently asked questions

A corporate design is the official graphic design of the logo and name of a company or institution used on letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, brochures, advertising and other visual elements.

The logo is the graphic representation or symbol of a company name, brand, abbreviation, service, uniquely designed for easy recognition. A Logo is a simple visual mark to identify your company’s product or service.

Corporate image is the perception of an organization (mainly investors, customers, suppliers), the public and society in general. It does not have to reflect the real position, but is a vision that society has about the company.

Stationery design usually consists of paper, office supplies, letterheads, writing equipment, business cards, cases and other similar items. The goal is to have a unified and recognizable brand throughout the company.